Changing Lives. Restoring Families.

The MORE Project is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2005 by MonaVie, a leading health and wellness company, as an integral part of the company’s founding vision to generate abundance for people all around the world. In addition to helping its distributors achieve a more meaningful life through improved health and prosperity, MonaVie founded the MORE Project as a catalyst to empower individuals who live in poverty to break the cycle of fear and hopelessness that often rules their lives. Initially, the program provides critical resources, such as food, urgent medical care and safe shelter, to end suffering. Long-term needs are met through educational and vocational programs that restore dignity and provide long-term self sufficiency.

The MORE Project in Brazil
The MORE Project’s first initiative focused on Brazil, a country where MonaVie’s signature ingredient, the açai berry, is grown and harvested. In an effort to give back to a country that has contributed so much to MonaVie and its distributors, the MORE Project seeks to change lives and restore families living in poverty in favelas (slums) outside of Rio de Janeiro. Today, the MORE Project is successfully providing individuals with skills, resources and support so they begin new lives filled with hope, health and dignity.

Four Key Services the MORE Project Provides to Brazilian Children, Adults and Families:

  • HOPE – Bringing hope, dignity and mindset change
  • EDUCATION – Educating youth and teenagers
  • SHELTER – Providing safe shelter homes to children at risk
  • HEALTH – Providing basic services so that our children can thrive

Key Accomplishments in Brazil:
Since MORE Project was launched in Brazil in 2005, it has grown from one small school serving 48 children to three schools and two shelter homes serving more than 400 each day. Since its founding, MORE Project has established:

  • Education Program for Youth – Serves 200 children annually. This program offers supplemental education for at-risk children ages 5-11 in reading, writing, math, art, computers, English, movement, and spiritual and character development.
  • Education Program for Teens – Serves 132 teens annually. This program focuses on teens ages 12-18 who are at risk of dropping out of school. During 2011, the number of teens served was doubled and relationships were forged with trade schools and colleges.
  • Day Care and Pre-School Programs – Serves 60 children. This program provides a stimulating and safe environment for children from six months to age 5. The focus is to help children prepare to enter school and to allow mothers to work.
  • Shelter Homes – Serving 18 children. Two shelter homes serve abused and abandoned children from the favelas. The children live with foster parents and receive housing, food, care and education.
  • Food Program – Each educational program offers hot, nutritious meals daily. MORE provides approximately 2,000 meals each week.
  • Dental Education and Annual Check-ups – All children in MORE programs receive dental education, annual check-ups and ongoing dental care.
  • Social and Psychological Support Services – Essential services are provided to the children and their families in MORE schools and shelter homes.
  • Building Program – MORE has repaired more than 100 roofs and rebuilt nine homes for families who live in poverty in the favelas. The building program has also supported the refurbishing of the shelter home complexes.
  • Capital Acquisitions – MORE Project has purchased and refurbished two school buildings to better serve MORE educational programs. In addition, 12 acres were purchased for the construction of Village MonaVie, a beautiful sanctuary for MORE Project students and families. As a part of Village MonaVie, MORE has completed the Larsen Family Lodge and remodeled existing structures to house a day care program, a kitchen, wood shop, swimming pool and art studio.
  • Disaster Relief – In addition to work in Brazil, MORE has raised $20,000 for Australian fire disaster relief, $50,000 to support the Haiti earthquake relief effort, $250,000 to support tsunami earthquake relief in Japan and performed service projects for flood victims in Thailand.

In 2012, the MORE Project will expand on a pilot begun in Mexico and also begin work in India and Thailand. The commitment to changing lives in the favelas of Brazil and now to those living in poverty around the world, serves to unite MonaVie distributors, employees and the children and families served.

Our Revenue and Donors:

  • MonaVie is committed to cover the MORE Projects’ administrative costs, so that donations can be used to support the project’s people and programs.
  • The MORE Project has raised more than $18 million since its inception.
  • The MORE Project’s annual revenue, which comes primarily from donations from MonaVie’s global distributor network, is approximately $3.5 million.
  • Donors have grown from 115 to more than 11,000 in six years.
  • The MORE Project receives approximately 100,000 individual gifts each year.

For more information, visit:

You Tube Channel: operationmoreproject